November 12, 2012

Invasion of the Saucermen + Last Stop Tokyo

TOP: I turned this 2011 unused sketch of Joey Ramone into a tribute to the vintage B-production SF movies and the punk rock band The Lillingtons whose lyrics explore the very same iconography (check out their classic 1999 record "Death by Television"). The Ramones had similar moments - remember the song called "Zero Zero UFO" from 1989's "Brain Drain"? RIGHT: Joey Ramone as the Modesty Blaise type of a super-spy in the Cold War setting. This pin-up was inspired by the Riverdales' song "Last Stop Tokyo" and Lillingtons' phenomenal spy-themed album "The Backchannel Broadcast". Both bands were musically and thematically heavily influenced by the Ramones, so when I listen to their records I can only picture Joey Ramone singing those awesome lyrics.