August 28, 2010

Trespasser: Jurassic Park

This 1998 first-person video game is often regarded as one of the worst titles in gaming history. Advanced for its time - featuring enormous outdoor environment and dynamic physics modeling - it was rushed and went overbudget several times, so many issues remained unsolved. The developers built and scanned a real 3D model of the tropical island which the player could explore entirely thus resulting in hours of non-linear gameplay. "Trespasser" had a thrilling music score, appealing storyline, top voice acting (Minnie Driver and Richard Attenborough) and a trademark Jurassic Park survival horror atmosphere - setting the stage for much successful "Far Cry" series.

Initially, the game was difficult and buggy for me too, but I gave it a second try a few years later. After a while I got so immersed in its unique enviroment, it even gave me a few nightmares.