June 26, 2010

Billy Idol

Billy Idol put a great show in Belgrade last week. The first piece was inspired by his 1993 experimental concept album Cyberpunk often regarded as his weakest record that started the decline of his career. I, on the other hand, think that this futuristic concept album, influenced by techno and cybergenre literature, suited Idol's image perfectly and to me it remains his most imaginative effort.  

UPDATE: Images were completely re-colored in 2012.

June 20, 2010


"Mommy, why the f... have you forsaken me?!"

Out of pure boredom, I turned a very rough unused comic book panel sketch into this bizarre piece of artistic improvisation.

June 19, 2010

Anytime... Baby!

The artwork was inspired by the film "Top Gun" and the slogan "Anytime, Baby" that the F-14 "Tomcat" fighter crews sported on their squadron insignia. After more than 30 years in active service, the "Tomcat" was retired in September of 2006.